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The Falcons have a variety of staff members sharing glimpses of their daily lives with their followers. But make sure you also follow the main Falcons Twitter feed, @Atlanta_Falcons, for a wide range of news, announcements, contests and other exclusive information!

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Official Falcons Accounts

@Atlanta_Falcons - The Official Atlanta Falcons Twitter account
@AFTicketOffice - Latest information on all Falcons ticket-related news
@FalconsGear – Official Falcons Gear, Official Retail Store of the Atlanta Falcons
@NewATLStadium – Updates and information regarding Atlanta's new staidum
@tailgateteam – Atlanta Falcons Tailgate Team
@FalconsCR – Falcons players, coaches and cheerleaders’ community appearances
@ATLCheerleaders – appearance information and more from the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders

Falcons Front Office Members on Twitter

@FalconsRMcKay – Rich McKay, President and CEO
@FalconsJAdams – Jay Adams, Digital Media Content Manager
@FalconsRFerrin – Reid Ferrin, Atlanta Falcons Writer/Reporter
@FalconsMorgan – Morgan Andrew, Social Media Coordinator
@FalconsDLevak – Dan Levak, Director of Digital Media
@FalconsMMoore – Matt Moore, Video Services Coordinator
@FalconsKara – Kara Durrette, Digital Media Producer
@FalconsCreative – Michael Benford, Creative Services Manager
@FalconsPR – Reggie Roberts, Vice President of Football Communications
@FalconsFrank – Frank Kleha, Senior Director of Media Relations
@FalconsBCearns – Brian Cearns, Football Communications Coordinator
@FalconsMHaley – Matt Haley, Football Communications Coordinator
@The_Other_RW – Roddy White, Director of Event Marketing
@FalconsTron – Tron Stamper, Event Marketing Coordinator
@FalconsBRuth – Brandon Ruth, Live Events and Promotions Coordinator
@FalconsPG – Peyton Gallagher, Travel Advance and Corporate Partnership Executive
@FalconsEquip – Updates from the Falcons Equipment Manager

Follow Falcons Players on Twitter

@rockorocky – CB Robert Alford
@Ricardo21Allen – Rookie CB Ricardo Allen
@WhoIsJoplo – LB Joplo Bartu
@biermann71 – DE Kroy Biermann
@MattBosher5 – P Matt Bosher
@Matt_Bryant3 – K Matt Bryant
@justblaze63 – G Justin Blalock
@PatDiMarco42 – FB Patrick DiMarco
@HDouglas83 – WR Harry Douglas
@Fragel79 – T Reid Fragel
@V8Freeman – Rookie RB Devonta Freeman
@MalG93 – DE Malliciah Goodman
@Rashedehageman – Rookie DE Ra'Shede Hageman
@aujharris – Long snapper Josh Harris
@JHawley61 – C Joe Hawley
@D_Hest23 – WR Devin Hester
@TeamHolmes7256 – OT Lamar Holmes
@B4_Kemal – S Kemal Ishmael
@sj39 – RB Steven Jackson
@MPJohnson79 – OT Mike Johnson
@juliojones_11 – WR Julio Jones
@Mr_Mabin – CB Jordan Mabin
@BeAst_MoDe90 – DE Stansly Maponga
@JohnnyMass94 – DE Jonathan Massaquoi
@Mr_Matthews_ – DE Cliff Matthews
@jakematthews70 – Rookie OT Jake Matthews
@bobbymac36 – CB Robert McClain
@WillyMo_25 – S William Moore
@zekemotta – S Zeke Motta
@BearPascoe – TE Bear Pascoe
@CoreyPeters91 – DT Corey Peters
@Qui22Rodgers – RB Jacquizz Rodgers
@M_Ryan02 – QB Matt Ryan
@RyanSchraeder73 – T Ryan Schraeder
@Your_Highness55 – Rookie LB Prince Shembo
@D_Southward12 – Rookie S Dezmen Southward
@Sprui11z – Rookie LB Marquis Spruill
@T11Starr – Rookie LB Tyler Starr
@LevineToilolo – TE Levine Toilolo
@DesmondTrufant – CB Desmond Trufant
@OsiUmenyiora – DE Osi Umenyiora
@SeanWSpoon56 – LB Sean Weatherspoon
@roddywhitetv – WR Roddy White
@thejoshwilson – CB Josh Wilson
@TJ_Yates – QB T.J. Yates

Follow Falcons Alumni on Twitter

@jamthedirtybird – RB Jamal Anderson
@archerqb16 – QB Dave Archer
@realcbennett97 – LB Cornelius Bennett
@BobbyButler2 – CB Bobby Butler
@KeionCarpenter – S Keion Carpenter
@BuddyCurry50 – LB Buddy Curry
@chrisdraft – LB Chris Draft
@WarrickDunn – RB Warrick Dunn
@BFinn86 – WR Brian Finneran
@Goldberg – DT Bill Goldberg
@tonygonzalez88 – TE Tony Gonzalez
@TwoSportman – S Brian Jordan
@ReggieKelly82 – TE Reggie Kelly
@PatrickKerney – DE Patrick Kerney
@ToddMcclure62 – C Todd McClure
@chrisredman8 – QB Chris Redman
@OJ_G1 – TE OJ Santiago
@chucksmithnfl – DE Chuck Smith
@CWiley99 – DE Chuck Wiley
@CoyWire – LB Coy Wire

Follow Falcons Cheerleaders on Twitter

@AFC_Denita – 6th Year Cheerleader Denita C.
@AFC_Alice – 4th Year Cheerleader Alice F.
@AFC_NatalieS – 4th Year Cheerleader Natalie S.
@AFC_Kiley – 3rd Year Cheerleader Kiley B.
@AFC_Kat – 3rd Year Cheerleader Kat M.
@AFC_Dana – 3rd Year Cheerleader Dana L.
@AFC_Cece – 3rd Year Cheerleader Cecilia B.
@AFC_Kelsey – 3rd Year Cheerleader Kelsey G.
@AFC_Kristen – 3rd Year Cheerleader Kristen J.
@AFC_Rie – 3rd Year Cheerleader Rie O.
@AFC_Sydney – 3rd Year Cheerleader Sydney H.
@AFC_Amy – 2nd Year Cheerleader Amy L.
@AFC_Bethany – 2nd Year Cheerleader Bethany N.
@AFC_Hope – 2nd Year Cheerleader Hope W.
@AFC_Leslie – 2nd Year Cheerleader Leslie B.
@AFC_Macy – 2nd Year Cheerleader Macy A.
@AFC_Brianna – 2nd Year Cheerleader Brianna S.
@AFC_Micki – 2nd Year Cheerleader Micki J.
@AFC_Cara – Rookie Cheerleader Cara M.
@AFC_Nicole – Rookie Cheerleader Nicole B.
@AFC_Annemarie – Rookie Cheerleader Annemarie Y.
@AFC_Kiva – Rookie Cheerleader Kiva P.
@AFC_Alexandria – Rookie Cheerleader Alexandria G.
@AFC_Lindsey – Rookie Cheerleader Lindsey
@AFC_Cayla – Rookie Cheerleader Cayla H.
@AFC_Taneshia – Rookie Cheerleader Taneshia D.
@AFC_Colleen – Rookie Cheerleader Colleen F.
@AFC_Megan – Rookie Cheerleader Megan I.
@AFC_Kayla – Rookie Cheerleader Kayla B.

About Twitter

If you’re on Twitter, you know how compelling the question “What are you doing?” can be. Twitter is more than just the latest fad – it’s changing the way people communicate. Think of Twitter as a text-message-sized statement (a “tweet”) to an audience of many people. So if you follow the Atlanta_Falcons Twitter account, along with the thousands who already do so, you’ll be receiving compelling little nuggets of information from the team throughout the day. Here’s a quick video primer for Twitter novices: “Twitter in Plain English.”



Week 14

Monday, December 08, 2014, 8:30 PM EST
Mon, 12/08 at 8:30 PM EST
Dec. 08
8:30 PM EST

Team Leaders

StevenJackson 50
JulioJones 259
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Week 15

Sunday, December 14, 2014, 1:00 PM EST
Sun, 12/14 at 1:00 PM EST
Dec. 14
1:00 PM EST

Team Leaders

StevenJackson 46
HarryDouglas 131
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Week 16

Sunday, December 21, 2014, 1:00 PM EST
Sun, 12/21 at 1:00 PM EST
Dec. 21
1:00 PM EST

Team Leaders

DevontaFreeman 36
JulioJones 107
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Week 17

Sunday, December 28, 2014, 4:25 PM EST
Sun, 12/28 at 4:25 PM EST
Dec. 28
4:25 PM EST

Team Leaders

JacquizzRodgers 44
RoddyWhite 104
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